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Episode 18 - Platform Warefare: There Can Be Only One!

Greetings all! And welcome once again to that show of all shows, the wild, crazy, controversial-but-always-entertaining L33T vs. N00B!

This week, your three heroes take on the world – and each other – as they go head to head in that age old question: when you turn on a game and turn off your brain, how do you play? Our resident super L33T (Ryan Vest) says handheld gaming is the way to go. Everyone’s favorite tech savvy everyman (Chris Lai) says PC gaming is the future. And yours truly (Chris Hageman), the humble n00b himself, sticks to his guns and bravely battles on behalf of good old console gaming.

Who will be victorious? Whose staggering intellect will pound the others into the ground? Who will be the first to vomit over the nauseating new 3D graphics? What horrible lies of Nintendo will be revealed? Did you know that Bill Gates retired? I didn’t!!!

And most importantly, who will be the first to email us at with comments or suggestions? Seriously. Please email us anything. We’re dying out there, THROW US A BONE. ;)

Anyway, we three kings are going to war again. Enjoy!
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