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Episode 26 - Terrifying Tales of Terror

You’re all alone… in the dark… you’re afraid.

You hear the stairs creak, but you know no one’s home. Something scratches across the floor in the hallway… or is it just a tree branch on the window?

You’re sure it’s nothing. It must be nothing.

And then… a horrifying monster made of rusty chainsaws jumps out of your closet and makes pointy love to your face!

What is the moral of this shocking tale of fright and rust-based STDs? Why, its that you should listen to the latest Leet vs. Noob of course! Join the Chris duo as they fly solo without their leet, who is battling mutant hillbillies in Branson Missouri (or something). These two intrepid horror fans rundown their favorite monsters and discuss the long pondered questions like “What would Hannibal Lector do in a Saw trap?” and “What does burned monkey smell like?” It’s a horrifyingly good edition of leet vs. noob. So listen, or Rusty will come for you…

And while you’re whimpering in your bed afterwards, afraid to turn off the lights, why not curse us for ruining your life with our chilling podcast? We are currently receiving your hate mail at Find the podcast on our other home at Project QWERTY.

And don’t forget to check out the Other Chris’ latest thoughts on wrestling and life in general at, as well as his dazzling musical comedy at

And remember to see what First Chris and Ryan are doing at

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