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Episode 27 - Mario Wins a Hotdog Eating Contest

Ever since that Italian plumber brutally crushed his first Goomba under the heel of his boot, Nintendo has been a giant in the video game industry. They’ve created the widest and more colorful array of characters in the industry. But which characters suck? Which ones rule? Which ones are sad, lonely, and forgotten? It’s a Nintentastic extravaganza this week on Leet vs. Noob, as we give you a complete rundown of the best, worst, and most underutilized franchises in Nintendo history.

Are Mario and Luigi really brothers or “special friends”? Where does Donkey Kong buy his ties? How does Link’s gear always get back in the dungeons between games? Will we hear about Kirby’s amazing power to suck… up his enemies? Will I be able to think of a joke about Starfox? No, no I won’t.

It’s yet another knock down, drag out brawl from your favorite team of geeks, dorks, and noobs. Don’t forget to email us at, and be sure to listen to hear about a special contest where you could win a $15 iTunes gift card for designing our new website top banner! Take a listen, and join the magic that is Leet vs. Noob.

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