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Episode 28 - Shadow of the Infamous God of Colossal War

While your 10 year old is playing his Wii, we want you to remember that they make games for adults too. That’s why Leet vs. Noob is running down the land of Sony and Playstation this week, so that you can grow up and be a real man. Get a job, you bum!

Ryan is in full Leet mode this week, bringing the often overlooked but critically acclaimed “Ico” to the table. Meanwhile, Chris #1 is on the cutting edge with the much vaunted “Infamous” franchise. And as always, the Other Chris shows himself to be a bloodlusting pervert as he praises the sex and violence of the “God of War” series. And that’s just the first part!

The Other Chris takes the soapbox this week and jizzes his pants about one of his favorite things, and once again we hear about the evils of the gaming industry and their penny pinching schemes. All this and more when Ryan delivers an in depth leet lecture on gaming developers vs. gaming publishers.

Our “design a banner” contest is still ongoing! Send your submission to for a chance to win a fabulous prize (listen to the podcast to see what it is)!

Evil Clowns! Sony is a thief! There is only 1 true sport! Chris #1 hates to walk! Nathan Drake is a cocksucker! All this and more this week on Leet vs.. Noob!

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