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DJ SUSPENCE Official Podcast Ep.5 - 4 Da Clubheadz Vol.7

After receiving so many requests to post some of my old mixes, I thought what better then to bring back a series I created way back in 1999. For my 5th Episode, I bring you “4 Da Clubheadz Vol. 7” which was actually recorded live on New Years Eve of 2007. During
the late 90’s and early 00’s Euro and Vocal Trance ruled the club scene and for those of you who never got to experience it, now is your chance. I hope you enjoy this mix and for those who were at the live recording I hope this brings back all the great memories.*Sorry
for the delay but it’s been a crazy month and you can all rest assured that I am already working on Ep. 6 and let’s just say it will be a mix that will definitely bring in the New Year with a BANG! Till then Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Spencer
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DJ Suspence Official Podcast