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BitchCast Intro Episode on its way.

Hey everyone. James here. I'll have the Intro Episode of BitchCast up in a while.

Ok, so let me just tell you what the podcast is mainly about. It's for those who have been called 'mean' or a bitch because they mainly speak their mind. I'm one such person. If you see things as they are and are not afraid to tell people FACTS, then I want you to share with me and give me your stories.

Then, on another level it's for those people who have low self esteem and who need a bit of a boost. If you're having trouble in school you can email me and I'll give you my thoughts on the matter.

And then in general it's for teens. Teens with problems. In other words, teens in general. If you're a teenager and you know what it is like to be one, then listen to this for tips on how to stand up for yourself.

So give me a listen!

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