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MikeG TeleCoach for 3-23-2006

HotSeat session, Stuart Elliot, Monna Mullins and I critiqued two very different websites... is owned by Monna Mullins. Monna's website is currently undergoing major surgery.. due to the hotseat session.. and her goal is to build a website that will attract people who are interested in joining and finding the right home based business. Can you guess why? Obviously she wants to market the ideal home based businesses that she joins through her affiliate link to other people and build a significant residual income. Great idea, but she's not alone. Stuart Elliot has seemingly come from nowhere to be in his own right a world class copywriter. Take a look at his site,, currently undergoing minor surgery as a result of his hotseat session. Incidently I also gave Stuart some ideas for renaming his website with new urls.
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MikeG TeleCoach