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BitchCast Episode 2: Emails, emails, emails.

Ok, I know I said that the next show would be about being confident but not arrogant but I checked my email inbox and I was pleasantly surprised to find seven lovely emails there (from seven lovely people) so I couldn't resist the urge to create a show and answer their questions.Episode 2 is entitled 'Emails, emails, emails' for obvious reasons.I hope I was of some assistance to those who emailed in and I hope that you guys will keep emailing to keep me up to date with your 'situations.' And for everyone else who hasn't emailed yet, feel free to (I hope after hearing this you'll probably feel more comfortable emailing me to ask me questions.)Don't forget the email address is and you can subscribe through iTunes by searching for 'bitchcast' in the Music Store.And forgive the crappy end. Like I said, my sound card is pretty wack so there's nothing I can do about the fluctuating sound.
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