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BitchCast Episode 5: Up for an Email?

BitchCast Episode #5 is entitled 'Up for an Email?' The name is pretty self explanatory. I read more emails from listeners and answer their questions.Many thanks to all my listeners for continuing to send your emails and don't forget the next show will be solely for UPDATES on previous emails so make sure to email me all your updates on what's been happening since you emailed me last and tell me if my advice worked or not.Also, many thanks to Vikki Flawith, one of my dear friends who did a few pieces in the show. You can visit her various sites by clicking the following links:www.vikkiflawith.comVikki on SoundclickVikki on MySpaceSample Vikki's *F*O*L*K* CDVikki is a singer and also a vocal coach and an amazing person so please su port her by visiting her sites and maybe even buying a CD ;).Don't forget to send all emails to and subscribe through iTunes by searching for 'bitchcast' in the Music Store. And visit Sweet Diss and The Comebacks' website for their great music.
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