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This week The Babes learn about "Radio Shangri-La" and living in Bhutan, what companies are doing to creatively market to Boomers, creepy crawly bedbugs--what they are and how to get rid of these creatures, and the increasingly important role of community colleges.

NPR's Marketplace radio journalist Lisa Napoli's chance encounter with a handsome stranger presented her with an opportunity of a lifetime: Would she move halfway around the world, to the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, to establish the country's first student radio station? Tired of the fast-paced media world in LA and in the midst of a raging mid-life crisis, Lisa agreed. She packed her bags and moved to what is said to be the happiest place on earth--the last Shangri-La. Lisa chronicles her adventures in her new book "Radio Shangri-La."

Baby Boomers are a financially powerful bunch. Nearly 80 million strong, it is estimated that Boomers have approximately 2 trillion dollars in spending power, and own more than 70% of the financial assets in the United States. Companies are paying close attention to this well-heeled group, and making changes in their marketing strategies to attract boomer dollars. Ellen Byron, Consumer Products Reporter at the Wall Street Journal talks about the big business of marketing to Boomers.

How can creatures so tiny conjure up such fear and revulsion in an otherwise rational person? Well, we're talking about BEDBUGS! YUK! We've been battling the bugs for centuries, and thought the war was won in the 1960's. But bedbugs have returned in full vengeance, and many have become resistant to treatment and multiplying as you read this eVite. In fact, it is estimated that these blood feeders will soon replace the cockroach as the biggest household pest in the United States! Joining us to talk about the bedbug's resurgence and what we need to know to avoid them, is bedbug expert Dr. Harold Harlan. Dr. Harlan has worked with and raised bedbugs for the past 37 years and is currently the Senior Scientific Associate for the U.S. Armed Forces Pest Management Board.

Over the last several years, and in the midst of a recession, enrollment at 2 year colleges throughout the United States is at an all time high. Dr. Barbara Viniar, President of Chesapeake College, talks about their unique program and degree opportunities. Further, in the wake of the tragedies at Virginia Tech and Tucson, Dr. Viniar discusses their proactive efforts to enforce safety on campus.

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