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Mistletoe Travels 2006! Podcasts to accompany the new Mistletoe Blog at For older versions of the Mistletoe Diary/Blog to visit

Mistletoe Diary charts the activities and adventures of Jonathan Briggs, a mistletoe expert/enthusiast based in Gloucestershire, England. Most of the podcast series will be available in November and December 2006 - with travel and newscasting about mistletoes, mistletoe customs and harvests around the world, plus customs and uses from Druidry to modern medicine.

The planned podcasting for the 2006/07 mistletoe season will be based on the following times and themes (but may change!):

Weeks beginning:

31st October The Start of the Season
6th November Mistletoe harvesting
13th November Mistletoe art nouveau glassware etc
20th November Mistletoe medicines and cosmetics
27th November Threats to mistletoe and mistletoe trade
4th December Druids and mistletoe beliefs #1
11th December Mistletoe conservation in London
18th December Some mistletoe people
25th December Christmas and mistletoe beliefs #2
1st January New Year and mistletoe beliefs #3

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