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The Straight Dope On Hops, A Craft Brewer’s Favourite Flavourizer

Are beers with “no aftertaste” really best? If so, what is it that all of these hop heads are raving about?

In this podcast, we will explore a craft brewer’s favourite flavourizer: hops. Hops do provide a bitter finish to beer, but they also contribute various flavours and aromas.

Follow along as Mirella Amato of Beerology chats with two OCB brewers to get the straight dope on hops. Ron Keefe, from the Granite Brewery in Toronto, and Ancil Hartman, from Scotch Irish Brewing in Ottawa, share their experience brewing with hops.

In the second half of the podcast, taste along with Ron and Ancil as they sample the Granite Best Bitter Special and Scotch Irish Sgt Major IPA blind. Will they be able to guess which beer is which?

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