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My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 9

Intro Music- Castlemania
You can download the track at
MMA News
UFC 102 Matt Hughes & Randy Couture resign with the UFCMMA sanctioned in Maine
Wrestling News
Rey Mysterio suspensionFuture Raw guest hosts
Video Game News
Kurt Cobain in GH5Sonic & Knuckles XBL rantGod Of War PS3 setThe Return Of BonkMuramasa Party @ Nintendo World NY
Movie News
Call in guest Josh Fuld - Author of Brandon Sparks and The Hidden Sun  Marvel acquired by Disney Sequel MadnessFanatastic 4 reboot!Scream 2009 awards Teen Wolf The TV Show?Lobo to be PG-13
Letter Bag
Outro Music- Tetris Mix
Artist-Vinny B
Cleveland Sports
IPirate Radio
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