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Audio Diary #13 - Mar 28, 2006

In the March 2006 edition of his diary, Bill talks at length about a few topics:

* Wilson Pickett, who has recently died. He also talks about how it's not always easy for some older musicians still trying to make a living at their craft.

* Talks a lot about Black Sabbath's induction into the Hall of Fame; lots of issues relating to the HOF ceremonies and other bands who went in with Sabbath. Bill also talks about his appreciation for Geezer, Tony, and Oz. Loved Metallica, both in their speeches and in their playing of Sabbath songs.

* A small update on Beyond Aston.

* Bill talks about a couple of deaths in his family recently. One was his wife's grandmother, and the other, unfortunately was the baby that Bill and his wife were expecting.
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