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Episode 163 1/31/11

Our interview with YouTube cover musician extraordinaire Mike Masse! ( In this episode: Mike Masse's musical origins, his bass player Jeff Hall, Mike's musical influences (The Beatles, U2, Radiohead, Rush), none of us are exposed to new
music, how did we find Mike on the web?, Mike's ever expanding vocal range, putting an emphasis on the original style of each song, sound recording techniques, a wedding gig request in Amsterdam, the 3-man vocal arrangement of 80s band Toto, Mike's unique
T-shirts, musical aspirations, American Idol, America's Got Talent, X Factor, original songs, the Pie Pizzeria in Utah (, rock and roll in the future, future cover artists, is rock music dead?, opinions of Tron Legacy (2010) starring
Jeff Bridges, and first person shooters on the PC. 50 minutes -
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