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Relocating to Kitchener-Waterloo

© Jeremy Lim
On January 1st, Kelly, Orin and I are officially moving to Kitchener-Waterloo. Kelly has been lucky enough to be offered an assistant professor position at the University of Waterloo's new School of Pharmacy building in the Tannery District of Kitchener, Ontario, and I'm heading back to university to become a grade-school teacher.

As you may have noticed, we haven't had a Financial Marketing Meetup since June. I've been taking care of our daughter Orin full-time and doing some part-time courses, which hasn't left much time for marketing. The meetup group is still adding members, but now that we'll be moving, I'll be looking for someone to take over as organizer.

K-W has a lot going for it (despite some odd municipal politics). It's a great community for technology, financial services, and teaching financial services. It's home to Research in Motion, Google Canada, Manulife and Sun Life, and the Ontario government just announced its plan to integrate financial literacy into their school curriculum.

The region also has an innovative "local food" community, Vancity recently sponsored an article in the Tyee about Waterloo region's Mennonite produce co-op, which was heartening for someone who's a frequent shopper at Vancouver's West End Farmers Market.

And last, but not least, of course, there's Oktoberfest.

After six years of living in Vancouver, it's become our home, and we will miss it dearly. Thank you to our wonderful speakers and to everyone for participating in our meetups, and a special thank you to Ronnie Bugay and Wendy Law for providing their expert video editing services. I'd also like to thank William Azaroff for his helpful advice, and Jeremy Lim for meetup photos and our departing family photos.

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