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TIWWH #62 by Wayne Henderson Voice-Overs, (206) 984-1446, Ballroom Dancing Stars and Packers

Tuning In With Wayne Henderson episode #62.  Another podcast produced by Wayne Henderson Voice-overs, at        Please call the listener feedback line at (206) 984-1446 or email to Wayne@whpodcast.comFREE one-click subscription to TIWWH podcast in iTunes here!Episode #62 of TIWWH:> Whine With Wayne - The current state of Hard Rock> Dancing With The Stars> The 12-Time World Champion Green Bay Packers> Brett Favre is Brett Favre ('nuff said)Please browse the Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast store.Take a minute, and please rank the Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast in iTunes here.  Thank you.I also produce the first ever podcast all about the FOX tv show Fringe!  The podcast is Wayne's Take on Fringe at thanks for Tuning In With Wayne Henderson.  Remember to keep dancing!Wayne

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.
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Tuning In With Wayne Henderson