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Waynes Take on FRiNGE #17 by Wayne Henderson Voice-Overs, (206) 984-1446, The Dreamscape

Episode #17 of the Waynes Take on FRiNGE podcast by Wayne Henderson Voice-overs, at  WTOF is the FiRST podcast all about the Fox sci-fi drama FRiNGE!Please call the listener voice-mail at (206) 984-1446 or send an email to  FREE one-click subscription to WTOF in iTunes here!
FREE one-click subscription to all shows in the TIWWH Podcasting Group in iTunes! Episode #17 of the Waynes Take on FRiNGE podcast features:> Initial Reactions to The Dreamscape> Skypecast with DanPlease call in your thoughts and theories to 206-984-1446Follow on Twitter at Please write a review of Waynes Take on FRiNGE podcast in iTunes here.Be a supporter and check out the Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcast store. Take a look at the all-new FRiNGE-Pedia website at!See you out on the FRiNGE!Wayne Other podcasts produced by Wayne Henderson Voice-oversThe Tuning In With Wayne Henderson podcasts on Green Bay Packers and Ballroom Dancing   Waynes Take on LOSTThe Voice-Over Journey podcast at This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License.
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