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Viaway on Samsung TVs, Bluray Players and Media Players

Viaway is available on all Samsung Smart TVs since 2009 models, Bluray Players and Media Players since 2010 models.

Getting Started with the Viaway on your device

You can simply install Viaway by going to Samsung Online App Store

The easiest way to determine if your Smart TV is supported is to click the "Smart" or "My Apps" button on your Samsung remote control to open the Samsung App Store. You will find Viaway in the "Video" section of the store. Simply "select" Viaway to launch our service.

In the sections below you'll find a few things to help you get going, so keep reading....

Learn more how to use your Anrdoid device as a remote control

Cannot find Viaway Application on your TV?

Contact Viaway support and we will help you to get your applicaiton installed.

Create Your Account

You can browse and watch Viaway entertainment without registering. All video and audio podcasts and radio entertainment is FREE. We also offer many International TV channels for FREE. To watch premium channels and films you will need to create an account and choose Viaway service.

To create your account

  • 1. Go to the Viaway home page.
  • 2. Click sign up.
  • 3. Enter your email address.
  • 4. Create a password.
  • 5. Agree to the terms of service.
  • 6. Click submit.

For more details, see Account.

Find Stuff You Want to Listen or Watch

On your device or the Viaway home page, you can browse for International TV, TV Archives, Video and Audio podcasts, Radio and Kids content. You can browse by Language, Country or category. Go ahead and Discover!

Watching premium content!

Viaway offers a lot of great entertainment from around the world for FREE. To enjoy premium content, you need to choose one of our paid services. Visit to learn more.

Viaway: Discover. Play. Personalize!