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Viaway offers your FREE distribution of your podcasts to our users of the Internet connected devices from leading brandss. If you want to turn your content into revenue source, your can please our rapidly growing subscription service and we are constantly expanding our professional media content to include more video, audio and live streaming options for our users.

Viaway offers our podcaster providers FREE distribution, low cost content hosting and access to new market of viewers with our innovative technology platform.

Viaway will bring you the following benefits

  • FREE distribution find new viewers of your podcast on the Internet connected devices from leading brands.
  • Host your content with our low cost Cloud TV: Record & Play service to host your content on Viaway and distribute around the world
  • Ability to reach viewers that don’t currently have access to your podcasts
  • Secured content streaming to ensure your professional content is not pirated
  • Ability to block access to the content in specific countries or region
  • A variety of options to allow for risk-free and effortless roll out of your content or full customization of your brand with Viaway’s white label program

Step 1: Create a free Viaway account

If you are a professional Media Content Owner, first create a free Viaway account so you can login.

Step 2: Fill out our publisher application

We need to know more about you and your content, so please fill out your publisher application.

Step 3: Submit your content

Once you are approved as a publisher you can start uploading your media files so we can set up your content in our system.

Step 4: Make your content available to millions and start earning money

Submit your content and metadata for approval, select the revenue model you want to use, and start earning money every time your content is viewed or heard.

Monetize your content with Viaway. Start your free online setup now.