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About Viaway Films

Monetize your content with Viaway

Monetize your professional content with Viaway. Start your free online setup now.

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Viaway is committed to connecting independent filmmakers with audiences seeking professionally-produced movies beyond the mainstream Hollywood.

We developed an easiest WAY to deliver your work directly to the viewers VIA their Internet-connected devices. Whether it is a Samsung Smart TV in London, Roku player in San Francisco or iPad in Moscow, you fans will be able to discover, rent and watch your film on their devices at anytime.

Why Distribute with Viaway Films

Viaway is the platform for distributing and monetizing professional media content worldwide across a wide range of Internet connected devices. Learn more about publishing your Films on viaway at

Viaway offers on-demand playback of your content on the Internet connected devices:

  • Smart TVs and Blu-ray players from leading brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic;
  • IPTV players like Roku;
  • Smartphones and tablets like iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android based devices including Google TV, Kindle, Nook; PC and Mac computers.

We welcome filmmakers of any scale to promote and cross-sell their movies to millions of users worldwide through our easy-to-use distribution platform. Our platform doesn't require financial investment and allows content to be securely distributed across multiple devices.

We’re always looking for high quality indie films to add to the diverse multilingual network at Viaway. All styles, genres and languages are welcome!

Step 1: Create a free Viaway account

If you are a professional Media Content Owner, first create a free Viaway account so you can login.

Step 2: Fill out our publisher application

We need to know more about you and your content, so please fill out your publisher application.

Step 3: Submit your content

Once you are approved as a publisher you can start uploading your media files so we can set up your content in our system.

Step 4: Make your content available to millions and start earning money

Submit your content and metadata for approval, select the revenue model you want to use, and start earning money every time your content is viewed or heard.

Monetize your content with Viaway. Start your free online setup now.