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Audycja z 08.12.2013

Monika Olejnik
Monika Olejnik (born 1956) is a Polish radio, newspaper and TV journalist.[1]
She studied zoology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences. First she worked in Polish Radio I in a programme for farmers.[1]
During the Martial Law in 1982 she started work in then communist controlled Polish Radio III and stayed there until 2000. She was well-known for her interviews with politicians and other public individuals in "Salon Polityczny Trójki" (Political Salon of Channel 3).[2] In TVN Television she worked on the programme "Kropka nad i" ("Dot over i").[3] Since September 2004 she was an interviewer for "Prosto w oczy" ("Straight into eyes"), a programme on Polish Television Channel I.[4]
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