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The Language of Tarot

The Language of Tarot
The Language
of Tarot is a comprehensive guide to Tarot, teaching every
aspect of reading. A valuable asset for both new and experienced
Tarot readers, it places particular emphasis on understanding the role
of the often-overlooked Court Cards in readings, as well as explaining
the different nuances each card takes on as read in the context
of a multi-card spread. With clear directions for applying every
card to relationship, financial and medical questions, as well
as an extensive explanation of the common card combinations every
reader should know, The Language of Tarot is a valuable
addition to existing titles on this fascinating subject and proof you
do not need to be psychic to read Tarot cards. These Podcasts
comprise the card interpretations for the twenty-two cards of the
Major Arcana, episodes on doing multi-card dreadings, sample real life
readings, interpretations of minor arcana and court cards and other
excerpta from The Language of Tarot. You
may purcahse the entire 542 page, profusely illustrated book as a
paperback or eBook at
"Clear, concise
and highly detailed, the podcasts of Roberta Lee's Tarot guide provide the
basics for divination and fortune telling using Tarot." © Copyright 2008
Roberta Lee. All rights Reserved.
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