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Mario seems to be one of the top names when it comes to electronic music with a certain sensibility for Space Disco, contemporary House, crispy Electro Funk and a bit of everything in-between. It was not only that he came into contact with the pulsing bassline of the NYC-Vocal-Garage from childhood on, but especially because of his passion for Motown, Funk and Jazz, that he had no choice but to barricade himself into the DJ booth in the year of 1996. As a big admirer of legends like Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Tom Moulton or Larry Levan, he developed an uplifting style of his own, which he was able to refine with his own profound music background and impeccable taste.

His work can no longer be defined as simply putting on records. “The days of a strict separation of subcultures, stylistic constraints and a monogamous uniform beat are over”, says Mario. For him, electronic club music functions more in a pluralistic way as a kind of a building set, whose blocks can be rearranged over and over again. “It’s all about the combination and its reference to the presence”, Mario says,“ DJ-ing is a very delicate matter .” So it is no wonder that he is absolutely keen on the fine details and always eager to experiments in trying to combine history and the latest club music with an inconspicuous admixture of his own making so as to produce a high density of extremely good music. Without loosing their original character, his re-edited and re worked old pieces can be heard amongst the very latest brand-new electronic records in a continuous disco vibe. It can easily be served Queen in the same mix as Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. The entire piece melts into a vivid sound collage and ends in a sideways roller coaster sound ride through many facets of electronic dance music, filled with elements of surprise and madness by the minute.

Since April 2006, Mario presents in his weekly radi omix show ELECTRONIC SESSION the latest and most innovative records of the electronic club scene, and mostly even before their official release date. Every saturday an exclusive guest of the international DJ-scene is with him on air. The Glimmers, Boris Dlugosch, Tiga, DJ Mehdi, Riton, Justice, Monosurround or Spirit Catcher are making together with Mario the ELECTRONIC SESSION between South West Germany, Luxembourg and parts of Belgium to a unique appetizer and soundtrack for that Saturday Night. “To take people on a journey, with the ambition always to take them musically one step further” is his motto. In spite of his innovative work, forever pushing out the boundaries, Mario never loses sight of his primary goal:

To Make People Dance.

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