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One Great

A Flight Around Denali

One Great

See our website, One Great, for the big picture. We offer a home for anyone and everyone's greatest stories. It certainly seems that the tiny details of anyone's life - little glimpses into another psyche - are capable of absorbing us. Add a little humor, the occasional insight, something we can all relate to, or have always been curious about, and you've got sound worth sharing. And why not step it up a notch? Let's go for the big story - that one really great moment we've all had.

Supposedly there's one novel in every life, virtually none of which are going to get written (at least if you're like us.) But how hard can it be to share your one great tale? The one the rest of us would all love to hear... and watch in our mind's eye?

Listen to enjoy a sampling of great moments, and join us by contributing yours.

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