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The Paula Gordon Show Podcast
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The Paula Gordon Show Podcast

Most of us sense great changes in the world. Something's Going On. But what? And who's doing it? What do all the changes mean? And where does one turn for answers? Try The Paula Gordon Show.

The Paula Gordon Show is a rarity -- something genuinely new. Paula and co-host Bill Russell find remarkable people. Then they engage them in lively conversation. The guests regularly make sense of a life-time of sometimes decidedly technical work. And it's entertaining. No edits, no commentary, no interruptions from dead-end call-ins. Just deeply important, engrossing conversations. It's been called "'Cliff Notes' for the Baby Boom."

"We all have too much data and too little time," says Gordon. "Our listeners are just like us -- curious and eager to learn. But it's tough to find the people actually creating our future. And even harder to get first-hand access to them. Bill and I are a lot like scouts. Explorers. We go a little way ahead to see what's going on in the territory we're about to enter. Who's doing the interesting work? What do we need to know? What are we missing? Then we return with the broadcast, audio cassettes and soon the Internet. Our listeners have a life. They don't have the time or sometimes the inclination to do the background work. That's our job ! Hence 'Cliff Notes"' laughs Gordon, who was nominated for an Emmy for the television interviews she conducted before venturing into twenty years of film and video production. "I'm home," she says simply.

Bill Russell is co-host. He vigilantly balances Gordon's enthusiasm with a well tempered skepticism. "Paula and I are both genuinely excited about the changes going on all around us. And sobered. Big Things are happening in a remarkable range of endeavors. We hear the same words coming from people doing totally different work. We're surrogates for our listeners, exploring new developments in the physical, scientific, intellectual and spiritual realms. Too many people in all walks of life simply don't know how much is going on that's positive. This Show is a chance to hear about work that gives both of us hope and others are responding that way too.

It's a reality check, not 'pollyanna.' That's gratifying. "Our guests are people all over the world who both think and act," says Gordon. "They include scientists, artists, religious thinkers and physicians, writers, business people, educators and public figures. Atlanta has it's fair share. Our first guest in the New Year is Renee Glover, Director of the Atlanta Housing Authority. Cities all over the country are following her lead in providing transitional public housing for families. Renee doesn't just talk about change -- she's creating solutions." The conversation with Glover was recorded live at The Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta, where the show originates once a month.
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