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#1907: A Plane in Every Garage

The Survival Podcast

The Survival Podcast
The Survival Podcast is an online radio show that covers all aspects of modern survivalism with topic such as...

* The Current and Future State of the Economy
* Using Solar Energy Sources
* Small Scale Farming and Survival Gardening
* Political Philosophies and Libertarian Ideals
* Wilderness and Emergency Situation Survival
* Food Storage Options
* Preparing for Natural Disasters
* Homesteading (Suburban and Rural)
* Small Live Stock
* Small Scale Aquaculture
* Safe Investing in Modern Times
* Solar Cooking
* Bio Fuels
* Our Looming National Debt and What it Means to the Individual
* Seed Saving and Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables
* Guns and firearms
* Self Defense Methods
* Investing in Gold and Silver
* True Patriotism
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