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Call The Shrink - Mood and Stress Management

Call The Shrink | Blog Talk Radio Feed

Dr. Selwyn Mills tells you all about Sam and Bunny:

• Sam and Bunny Sewell are fascinating people. They are both active in MENSA the High IQ Society so their interests and expertise are deep and wide

• They operate a Counseling and Life Skills Clinic, Best Self USA.
• Sam is the Gifted Child Coordinator for MENSA.
• Bunny facilitates women’s groups who discuss everything from Ansel Adams to Zen Buddhism.
• Sam is a Hot Rodder with a trophy winning car and an aviation enthusiast.
• Bunny does organic gardening and operates an Organic Foods Co-op.
• They do seminars on Marriage and Family issues and their award winning research on Family issues is published in several languages.
• They teach Comparative World Religions and Biblical Scholarship.
• They serve on the Adjunct Faculty for the Clinical Pastoral Education program at Naples Community Hospital
• They do many personal appearances and radio and TV interviews for their newly released book “I Fired My Doctors and Saved My Life”
• They do Health and Fitness Coaching and Nutritional Counseling

Their interests range from Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Religion, Literature, the Arts and just about anything else that makes it worth waking up in the morning.

They are eager to discuss these topics and topics you are interested in on “Call The Shrink” Internet Blog Talk Radio.
I encourage your calls to the program!
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