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A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Podcast

A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan Podcast
Well...we'd been waiting on this for quite some time...but our newly appointed podcast producer Samuel came through with a winner. Today's podcast features "Mega-Panty Dropper" musician...Josh Radin since he was in town to promote his appearance at "The Social." We kinda had to wait until the 11th hour to see if this was going down...but true to his word...Samuel made it happen and we can't thank him enough!!! I know that this isn't everyone's cup of tea...I mean face it...Tom and I are punk rock kids from way back...but we know a good singer when we hear one and Josh and his gang...have got the goods! Mellow...introspective...sensitive...and wonderfully calm...are all words that I would use to describe this strangely unique brand of music..."minimalitically melodic" for lack of a better term. Josh was as nice as ever and his partner in crime...JJessica Staveley-Taylor is equally as nice...and much better looking...just ask Josh? Check out her song...the third of the segment entitled "Mexico." All love to both of them for sharing their talents with our stupid podcast.

It's not everyone's favorite type of music...but coming from a person that like just about all's truly amazing to me that people are set on this earth to make noises such as this...seriously. Whether's punk rock, metal, R&B or Josh Radin and Jessica is what makes this sphere turn...

We finish the day with voicemails...and a small recap from Samuel...

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