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Twilight Trinity
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Twilight Trinity

The Twilight Trinity is composed of Katie, Crystal, and Ryan- three girls devoted to all things Twilight.
Meet the Trinity!
We immediately fell in love with the Twilight Series. After listening to many podcasts, we thought, "Hey! we can do that!" So here we are doing just that. We are all Edward fans, but at least Katie is understanding towards Jacob. Not everyone can be as understanding as Katie.
Crystal is Bella- in her own mind at least- and, when in a moment of indecision, thinks,"What would Bella do?" Ryan whole-heartedly believes that she is Carlisle and she LIKES Emmet. She doesn't like Emmet as much as she LOVES Edward- but she really likes Emmet. (And yes, Ryan is a girl.)

Since we're just getting started, we'd love to hear from you about anything and everything! Leave comments, ask questions, tell us fun facts, complain, whatever! Join our Facebook group under Twilight Trinity.
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