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Ethan Becker Speech Coaching Business Tip Of The Week
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Ethan Becker Speech Coaching Business Tip Of The Week

This was a weekly tip from Ethan Becker for 2007. Ethan is Senior Speech Coach with THE SPEECH IMPROVEMENT COMPANY INC., in Boston Ma., USA. TSIC studies and develops best practices in human communication. Then helps individuals and organizations implement them. Since 1964 TSIC
has been helping people in business, politics, and entertainment to become more comfortable and more effective as they communicate. While speech coaching is a personal experience, these tips cover common topics and may apply to your life! Listen to them to strengthen your communication and overall effectiveness as a manager.

In todays competitive business environment it is critical that messages be communicated with clarity, competence and confidence.
This podcast was recorded in 2007. New episodes may be added periodically, but it is no longer weekly.

Ethan has a patient and precise one-on-one coaching style which is complimented by his motivational group training technique.

In addition to helping business partners in nearly all of the United States, Ethan has unique international experience. He has trained, coached and presented in countries such as Japan, Australia, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia. This provides him with valuable international and cultural perspectives which he brings to his clients. Ethan has helped such organizations as Harvard University, Boston Scientific, Bain Capital, Forrester Research, Canon USA, Genzyme, Avid Technology, The United States Government, Wilson Architects, Build Boston, Northeast Human Resources Association, Aspentech, Kronos, Futures For Young Parents, Bryant University Center for International Business, Clark University and IBM, as well as countless individual executives, managers, politicians, celebrities and other clients from around the world.

Topics to which Ethan brings special expertise include strengthening executive communication, communication strategy, leadership communication, controlling fear of speaking and developing effectiveness in public presentations. His knowledge and comfort with technology and its impact on business communication is a valuable asset.
Ethan holds two degrees, a BS in communication and MBA with a dual focus on International Business Communication and Leadership. He is energetic and inspirational as both a trainer and coach to his clients and as a colleague at THE SPEECH IMPROVEMENT COMPANY, INC.

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