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The Culture of Funnel Cake

Limited Fork

The Limited Fork show featuring POAMs: Products of Acts of Making in fulfillment of principles of Limited Fork Poetics: the study of interacting language systems, where the visual, sonic, tactile, and olfactory meet to form and reform (compelling) structures. Where focus on an intensely stabilizing area can still produce (forms of) sonnets that will maintain a particular form for only a limited period of time after which other structure(s) emerge, some of the emergence occurring across physical, sensory, and other dimensions.

This podcast is the place where POAMS, products of acts of making, will evolve, for the idea (as well as the poams that come out of the idea) is dynamic, seeking ways to fulfill the need for expression that coincides with unfolding understandings of existence. At the end of one of the branching roots of LFP and at the tip of one of the branches is belief in the pleasure of making things, a pleasure increased by acts of making that understand and try to take advantage of the range of what is possible and available.


The LFP experiment will showcase successes and failures, for the dead ends, the branches that do not bear sweet fruit, edible fruit, or any fruit at all, nevertheless contribute meaningfully to the recognizable structure of the tree. Perhaps the beauty of the tree depends on the presence of some dead ends.

Every week, there will be a visual or sonic episode (a branch) that reflects the current status of the ongoing study of interacting language systems. The LFP show will always present what is within its changing limits. Not (just) poems, but POAMS.

To hear more music of Limited Fork, visit the Limited Fork Music podcast. For more Limited Fork movies, visit the Limited Fork Video Anthology to download the video work of student and other practitioners of what Limited Fork Poetics enables and encourages.
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