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NC WW II Experience | UNC-TV

North Carolina Now | NC WW II Experience

NC WW II Experience | UNC-TV

As a companion to Ken Burns’ World War II documentary series, The War, UNC-TV commemorates this pivotal time in our state’s history with the North Carolina's WWII Experience initiative, including:
* An extensive companion website featuring the
Veteran's Stories World War II archive, capturing the unique experiences of North Carolinians from the homefront to the frontlines;
* Special presentations of World War II features, interviews, and other content within upcoming
Broadcast Programs, including UNC-TV's original series;
* Online listings of important World War II Resources and Events occurring in various locations around the state;
* A repository for viewer Tributes and Comments, including acknowledgments from veterans' families & friends, community event bulletins, and submitted information & resources;
* A commemorative booklet recognizing North Carolina’s veterans with a listing of those who contributed financially to North Carolina's WWII Experience; and
* The production of two, hour-long documentaries on North Carolina's WWII Experience.
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