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VeeJay The DeeJay

SCS Salsa Mix ! (Salsa Con Sazon Mixtape Set)

VeeJay The DeeJay

It all started in a McDonald's in Brooklyn, NY while eating a quarter pounder with cheese, no pickles, super sized with a diet coke.

VeeJay, the young disc jockey born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, started pursuing his DeeJay career since 1999 and started no different than any other DeeJay's in this world, mixing at home and enjoying his hobby.

As he listened to favorites such as Alex Sensation, DeeJay Precise, DeeJay Lobo and other major DeeJay's, DeeJay Uneak started taking his hobby to another level. That was when his hidden talent was discovered.

Being of Dominican and Puerto Rican decent, DeeJay Uneak was born with the tropical sounds of Salsa, Merengue, & Bachata in his blood. As the years passed, he began to expand his knowledge of music to genres such as Freestyle, Hip Hop, R&B, & Reggae.

Till this day VeeJay The DeeJay is still expanding his knowledge of music to genres like Dance, House, & Trance. Now in the year of 2011, VeeJay is currently rocking at local parties and events while still gathering and upgrading equipment to get ready for what the future has in store.

VeeJay continues to appreciate the support and motivation from friends and family. And with his mind set and focused, VeeJay the DeeJay is ready to take this world by storm with a style of his own. The style that makes him the one and only ... VeeJay The DeeJay.

Mangu Productions 2011 baby !
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