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Miss Molly Bell's Creative Habit

Teaser: Ep 16

Miss Molly Bell's Creative Habit

Miss Molly Bell’s Creative Habit is an ongoing discussion about how we can create, invent, and inspire our authentic selves from the inside out. New 30-minute episode MP3s will be available every other week. We explore ideas that allow us all to be our own creative coach, life coach and lifestyle-career designer. The hosts, Molly Bell & Daya Curley, have collaborated on many projects together, including the hit musical comedy BECOMING BRITNEY, which world premiered at The New York International Fringe Festival and was followed by a hit Bay Area production. They also won a San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critic’s Circle Award for their script. While the podcast includes serious-minded ideas, Molly & Daya’s snarky take on the world helps elevate the conversation and make it fun while treating the subject of self-help with respect.
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