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Shiloh University (Feb 4 2011) – Pastor Russ Conway

Shiloh Youth » Audio / Podcast

Experience God. Discover Purpose. Pastor Mike Miller pastors Shiloh Youth and believes that this generation is our nation’s greatest resource. Shiloh exists to help Junior High, High School and University students, who are serious about making a difference in their generation. Known for its passionate music, in your face preaching and pure young people Shiloh challenges this generation to give it all and become true Disciples of Christ. Influences and similar ministries include: Rock Church, Bruce Belair, Bill Wilson, YouthLeadersCoach Jeanne Mayo, Jude Fouquier, Judah Smith The City Church, Elijah Waters, Generation Church, 220Power Joel Stockstill, Jonathan Stockstill, Tony Miller, Franklin Graham, John Bevere, Rick Warren, T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Mark Driscoll, Brian Houston, Hillsong, Tree63, Bluetree. For more info check out: WWW.SHILOHYOUTH.CA
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