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#072.Beav Brodie. Doing It RIGHT

Beav Brodie is an uber-successful entrepreneur. However, in a day of "how can I get to the top the fastest" Beav has been asking a different question since day one, "How can I get to the top the RIGHT way?"

As a result, it is his work ethic combined with his people ethic that have catapulted his latest company, Tactical Baby Gear, to meteoric rise this year and leverages "breakout" success into sustainable awesomeness.

And it's taken FIFTEEN YEARS of lessons to get to the ONE YEAR where everything exploded into success.

This is one episode we encourage you to listen to in REVERSE. Start at 24:00 in, listen to The Show to the end, and then GO BACK and listen from the beginning of the show to hear THE HISTORY it took for Beav to build his mindset and his successful companies.

Got questions for Beav? List them in the comments and we'll ask him again when he comes back on The Show!

Thanks for listening!
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