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Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale (2013) HD Full Movie

Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale (2013) HD Full Movie
Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale (2013) HD Full Movie
Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea drive to Aunt Marlene's Alpine Academy in the Swiss Alps for a month long horseback riding vacation. They are greeted by their cousins, Max and Marie, who present the sisters with a room. Barbie feels that her winning the Pacific Steeplechase, an event in the Inter-Academy Equestrian Tournament, will depend on her finding the right horse for her. She meets Etienne Cheynet, the riding master, and then gets to choose her own horse from the thoroughbreds in the stable. Barbie is joined by Marlene and reveals that she is not sure which horse to pick.

The next day, Barbie goes riding with everyone and sees a horse, but it disappears. She sees the same horse in the academy logo and notices its unusual markings. Barbie finds Etienne singing to a horse to calm it. Etienne explains that the horses Barbie has seen are from a fable about an ancient herd called the Majestique, and that there is no proof they are real. Philippe Cheynet, the riding master of École Montagne and Etienne's brother, interrupts them and says that the Majestiques don't exist. However, he knows that the Majestiques are real and lies because his brother is present.

Barbie goes riding by herself and some wolves scare away her horse, Finian. She is saved from the wolves by the Majestique horse she had seen the day before, and it runs away. The following day, Barbie and Finian went riding again and found the Majestique horse with its leg stuck under a rock. To relax the horse, Barbie sings the song she heard Etienne singing and manages to move the rock. She uses her scarf as a bandage to tie around the horse's bleeding leg and she names her Majesty. Philippe later finds some of Majesty's mane and sees Barbie nearby, so he follows her.

Barbie goes out alone and is able to ride Majesty, which Philippe witnesses. Majesty shows Barbie a herd of breed in the Valley of the Majestiques. Meanwhile, Marlene tells Skipper that she may have to sell the academy to Bridgette Cheynet, the mother of Etienne and Philippe and the owner of École Montagne, if they don't win the tournament. Skipper finds Barbie with the Majestiques and encourages her big sister to run for Alpine in the tournament instead of Etienne, but Barbie is reluctant to run in the steeplechase on Majesty in case Philippe finds the Majestiques and hurts them.

On the opening day of the tournament, Alpine Academy and École Montagne are tied for first place. That night, there is a dance which everyone attends. While everyone is distracted, Philippe sneaks out and releases the Alpine Academy's horses in order to sabotage them. Chelsea sneaks out to ride a big horse and attracts attention by screaming when she is overwhelmed. The horse she is on hurts Etienne's arm so he can't compete. Barbie searches for the horses with Skipper and Jonas, a boy from École Montagne. She realises that Majesty found the academy's horses and led them away.

Barbie leads everyone to the Majestiques and they find the other horses. She tells Skipper and Jonas to keep them a secret and they start going back to the academy with the horses. On the way back, they encounter Philippe. Philippe excludes Jonas from École Montagne for helping Barbie to find the horses. Philippe tells Barbie that he knows the Majestiques are on Alpine land, and that the land and the horses will belong to École Montagne after the tournament. The only way to save the academy and the Majestiques would be to win the tournament, so Barbie competes instead of Etienne.

Barbie enters the tournament just in time and rides for Alpine on Majesty. Philippe makes the saddle come off of Majesty, so Barbie and Majesty race without it and manage to win. The overall Tournament Cup goes to Alpine Academy. Bridgette congratulates Barbie and Barbie gets a photo of herself and her family with Majesty and the troph
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