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Prayer to a Vengeful God

After a violent home invasion, resulting in the murder of his wife Jennifer (Jennifer Farrugia), John Krause (Dan Eberle) rouses from a four-month dream, to a waking nightmare of a life decimated. He re-enters the world, but everything has changed. In a fog of grief and sadness, John wanders the landscape of his misery searching for relief. What he finds is a world beneath his own, a world of drugs and violence, and ultimately, an opportunity to exact vengeance. Tacitly told in a lyrical cinematic style, entirely without dialogue, Prayer to a Vengeful God is a silent study of a man who trades his humanity for revenge. Written and directed by Dan Eberle.

Director: Dan Eberle

Cast & Crew: Dan Eberle,Paul Vasquez,Jennifer Farrugia,Amanda Bender,Beau Allulli,Leah Rudick,Jillaine Gill

Cinematographer: James Parsons

Writers: Dan Eberle
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