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History Rediscovered: Submarines at War

History Rediscovered: Submarines at War features four rare WWII-era documentary films, including one in full color, about submarines and the "silent service" during World War II. These include The Silent Service, a vivid history of U.S. submarine operations in the Pacific. Running nearly 40 minutes, this rare color film was produced in 1946, and documents the unrestricted submarine warfare campaign launched by Admiral Charles A. Lockwood against the Japanese merchant fleet. It also features re-enactments of daring attacks against enemy naval targets and includes rare footage of submarines rescuing American airmen forced to ditch at sea. In Now It Can Be Told, you'll witness the dramatic true story of the capture of a German U-boat on the high seas. In the pre-war film Service on Submarines you'll see how recruits rigorously train for undersea assignment, and in the post-WWII film Take 'Er Down you'll see the dawn of the new atomic era as the USS Nautlius slides down the ways.

Director: Fred Plasma

Cast & Crew: Admiral Charles Lockwood,Rear Admiral Daniel Gallery,Lt. Albert David,Oblt. Harald Lange,Commander Earl Trosino,Arthur Knispel,Stanley Wdowiak,Seaman Earnest Beaver,Fleet Admiral Osami Nagano

Writers: Ernest Eller
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