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Wugulun Kung Fu

Seldom have I met anyone with such a passion for anything as Master Wu Nanfang has for Wugulun Kung fu. The movements and forms are not something he practices — they are simply part of his being and way of life. I know nothing about kung fu but even I can sense this. He doesnt ‘do’ kung fu, he ‘is’ it.

His training started when he was a young boy living in Bai Yu Gou, the village to which Master Wu Gulun retreated. For a short time he even trained with his great grandfather, Master Wu Shanlin, who was by that time very old. Throughout his childhood and youth Master Wu Nanfang trained everyday with his grand uncle, uncle and later, Master Zheng Quin He. He then started to teach himself because he had his family to takeof. He travelled around Henan Province until he finally returned to the Shaolin temple at the request of Master Zheng Quin He.

Master Wu Nanfang became the disciple of the Shaolin Abbot, Master Suxi, and he adheres strongly to Buddhism although it is the Zen Buddhism introduced by Bodhidharma rather than the traditional Buddhism from India. Meditation, therefore, plays a large part in his daily life.
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