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Because people aren't perfect, Jesse Lincoln takes matters into his own hands by using his abilities and demon, but perfectionist behavior, to carve and butcher and then wire his victims back together. Jesse designs a computer chip in which he inserts one into his victim's head and another into their lower back. He wants each
of them programmed exactly how he wants them to be, perfect. Jesse wants to create his perfect family. Three beauties who go to medical school are off for a week on Spring Break. The girls go to Sydney Moore's Grandmother's farm to relax and get away from the grind. While on vacation, the girls meet a group of criminals who are working on the farm to serve their sentence by doing community service. These lonely gals and tired guys eventually cross paths and mingle, but for the most
part trying to save each other from the perfectionist psycho, Jesse Lincoln.

Director: Jeff Rector
Producer: Vache Garabedian, Vahe Garabedian, Jeff Rector, Zach Lundin,
Actors: Jeff Rector, Christa Campbell, Martin Kove, Billy Drago, Fred Williamson, Tane' McClure, Carel Struycken, Alana Curry, Mickey Jones, Victor Lundin, Anne Lockhart, Deron McBee, Sam Jones, Vernon Wells, Jason Carter, Paul Michael Robinson, David ""Shark"" Fralick
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