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Disenchanted Forest Trailer

Disenchanted Forest

Two years in the making, “The Disenchanted Forest” is an intimate portrayal of the world of orangutans, the threats to their survival and the people committed to help them thrive. But it is even more that that, we focus on the recent discovery that orangutans do not rely on animal instinct for survival, but instead have a culture that they preserve from generation to generation.

Orphaned orangutans are taken into rehabilitation to relearn from human caregivers the vital cultural skills they need to survive in the rainforest. These tenacious young apes are released and in the absence of mothers or elders they eventually learn to sustain themselves independently of human aid.

Director: Sarita Siegel
Starring: Dr. Anne Russon and Dr. Willie Smits
Narrator: Brooke Shields

Mill Valley International Film Festival
Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival
Ekotopfilm, Slovakia
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Cork International Film Festival
Tahoe International Film Festival
Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
Breckenridge International Film Festival
San Diego Asian American Film Festival
River Run Film Festival
Temecula Valley Film Festival
Gaia Film Festival, San Diego
Sedona Film Festival
Tangle River Environmental Film Festival
Artivist Film Festival
San Diego Asian American Film Festival
Portobello Film Festival, London
Reel to Real Festival, Vancouver
Wildscreen, Bristol
Brussels Film Festival
Jackson Hole Film Festival
International Wildlife Film Festival
Angelciti International Film Festival
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